How To Guide: Some Japanese Bondage Basics

Now that you have learned many different Japanese bondages and have also learned how to incorporate your own creativity into your Japanese bondage their are some important aspects you should not forget. Here they are. Unwinding Unwinding is just as important as building up. To begin with most of...
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Hot Wax & Beautiful Naked Asian Girls Movie….

Suspended from the ceiling, a young Asian girl is tormented by her two male captors with burning hot candle wax being poured all over her naked, helpless flesh. This weeks trailer from Forbidden East is painfully thrilling, in a sadist kind of way.   If you don’t like hot wax...
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Forbidden East BDSM Movie Trailer

If you’re looking for some authentic Japanese bondage then I suggest checking out With nothing but 100% hardcore Japanese hentai Bondage, this site will absolutely blow your mind! I love this video so much, not only because it’s great jerking material but also because I have frankly never...
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