How To Guide: Some Japanese Bondage Basics

Now that you have learned many different Japanese bondages and have also learned how to incorporate your own creativity into your Japanese bondage their are some important aspects you should not forget. Here they are. Unwinding Unwinding is just as important as building up. To begin with most of...
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How To: Facial Bondage

Face wraps are exactly that – rope wrapped around the face. They may serve as a gag or “blindfold” (they will never fully cover the eyes but they will interfere with the line of sight) and their objective again is to make the recipient even more aware of the...
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Japanese Rope Bondage – Shibari – The Love Art

About Shibari Fumo Ryu Shibari is a very ancient, sometimes complex art and lifestyle. Nobody really knows when it started.  It is assumed that the art originates from other arts, Kinbaku (pre-medieval and medieval Japanese torture techniques) and Hojo Jitsu (the art of arresting and transporting prisoners of war)....
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Japanese Bondage – Complementary Techniques – Part I

Japanese bondage is a technique that is difficult to combine with other forms of erotic power exchange play. Because of the constant need for balance and the effective use of shiatsu pressure points some forms of play, such as whipping, will only work counterproductive. Your best bet is to...
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