How To Guide: Some Japanese Bondage Basics

Now that you have learned many different Japanese bondages and have also learned how to incorporate your own creativity into your Japanese bondage their are some important aspects you should not forget. Here they are.


Unwinding is just as important as building up. To begin with most of the Japanese bondages, especially the suspended ones, are physically tough (it is a hell of a work out by the way). Your partner has probably been bound for several hours or possibly a whole day or night.(Don?t be surprised if she asks or even begs not to remove the ropes!!! It is very likely she feels like you are steeling them away from her!!).

However, getting back to a “normal” position may be somewhat difficult and painful. She will no doubt feel her muscles for a couple of days.

Rule number one is: do not untie the whole thing too quickly. If your partner has been suspended, bring her back to the ground, leave the rest of the bondage in place and apply some gentle massage. Then slowly “unpack” her, bit by bit and keep massaging. Support limbs that have been folded before folding back to a normal position and do it slowly. Do not stretch it out all at once, but step by step. We don?t want any muscles being hurt or damaged. Massage and warmth are very important now. Once your partner is completely “unpacked” see that she keeps warm enough (have a blanket available) and hug, hug, hug and hug. Be loving, tender, warm and intimate. She is very likely to feel very intense emotions now and don?t be surprised if tears (of happiness) come out.

Clever Pro-Tip: many women will appreciate it if you leave the basic bondage in place. Many would like to sleep in it or just feel it for some more time as a pleasant memory. If your partner does not ask for it herself, don?t hesitate to try it. You will probably hit the bulls? eye.

If you really want to make your partner happy now the Japanese way have some warm water with a few drops of menthol and eucalyptus available and gently wash her body. Have some hot towels ready to cover her body and don?t forget to do some more massage.

A pro in Japanese bondage will prepare his own massage oil. These are mostly based on either walnut or almond oil, with some herbs or crushed flowers (roses will do very nicely) added to it. You can use rose-oil if you can get your hands on it, a drop of perfume, menthol or whatever it is you like. Warm it up gently (by placing the bottle in some warm water) before you apply it. A good trick to ease the muscle pain is to add a crushed aspirin to your massage oil. The painkilling ingredients will find their way to the muscles through the skin.

Food and Drinks

Food and especially drinks are an important part of your after care. The body has done a lot of work, it needs fluids now. You could finish your “picnic” now (like together in bed). The best thing to do is to have some Gatorade (or any equivalent) available to kill the first thirst and then you may want to open a bottle of warm sake.

What To Avoid?

In general, all you need to do is to take the normal precautions as you would do in any other alternative erotic game. Japanese bondage is NOT a game for people with hart diseases, who are diabetic, epileptic or suffer from cara, claustrophobia or hypertension. The physical strain is too much and too complex and the bondages are too difficult to get out of quickly unless you use a knife or bandage scissors.

Because a scene may take quite sometime a practical tip is to have your partner use the bathroom before you start and don?t have her drink to much prior to in during the scene (you can take of that afterwards).

Japanese bondage – as said before – is not something you can learn overnight. Repeated training and experimenting, a good eye for details, beauty and aesthetics and teamwork are required here. So do experiment and try out without really going into a scene and communicate.

And – most of all – have lots and lots of fun.

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