How To: Facial Bondage

Face wraps are exactly that – rope wrapped around the face.

They may serve as a gag or “blindfold” (they will never fully cover the eyes but they will interfere with the line of sight) and their objective again is to make the recipient even more aware of the fact that she has been tied and to add mild forms of discomfort. If you have the ability (such as in the picture) you may want to use the wrappings to secure some of the hair over the face, which is an extra form of mild discomfort.

Never ever wrap the ropes around the head too tightly, since this may cause a variety of problems from increased eyeball pressure to rather nasty headaches.

Make sure there are never any knots pressing on the temple(s) or on the eyes or ears and never ever wrap ropes around the neck. Also, be aware that there will be no knot pressing against the atlas (the area where the back of the skull meets the neck).

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