Press Release: New Site From The Folks At Forbidden East – HardcorePunishments

Hold onto your hats everyone, this site redefines the word “EXTREME.”  But you don’t have to believe me, check it out for yourself.  For your butt puckering enjoyment, below is a small glimpse of what you will find at HardcorePunishments.Com Get the latest Flash Player to see this player....

Japanese Bondage – Complementary Techniques – Part I

Japanese bondage is a technique that is difficult to combine with other forms of erotic power exchange play. Because of the constant need for balance and the effective use of shiatsu pressure points some forms of play, such as whipping, will only work counterproductive. Your best bet is to...
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Hot Wax & Beautiful Naked Asian Girls Movie….

Suspended from the ceiling, a young Asian girl is tormented by her two male captors with burning hot candle wax being poured all over her naked, helpless flesh. This weeks trailer from Forbidden East is painfully thrilling, in a sadist kind of way.   If you don’t like hot wax...
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Hello Japanese Bondage Lovers

Welcome to the Hardcore Japanese Bondage Blog where all of your dirty little fantasies will be fulfilled! We, just like you, have this strange obsession with petite Japanese nymphs being tied up and Dominated. Besides the fact that Hentai is an absolutely beautiful art form, you have to admit that it is...
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